Routes & Prices

Routes & Prices


Price : $55 /person

Ascend the Bondwa Peak on Uluguru mountain with an experienced guide. This is an ideal tour for those who love hiking amidst rainforests and enjoy seeing birds, monkeys, various landscapes combined with spectacular nature views.

Morning side

Price : $30 /person

If you are looking for an idyllic place for half day hike or camping site in Morogoro, then morning side is the best place for you. It is in the slopes of beautiful evergreen mountains of Uluguru which form part of the Eastern Arc Mountains Zone are.

Choma Village

Price : $27 /person

Visit one of the most popular villages in Morogoro town located above 1000m high in the slopes of Uluguru Mountains to discover its beauty. It is the of the most visited villages in Morogoro town, almost every day people visit or plan to visit choma tradition village.