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Uluguru Hiking was born out of a love for Uluguru Mountains and all that it offers. From quick, midweek escapes, to full days exploring with friends. As with any new place, one tries to see all the major attractions, but a lot of the time, the real gems are just off the beaten track. Our aim is to show you both the main attractions as well as the hidden gems.

Uluguru Hiking has worked with companies both large and small to organize memorable events, outings and private hikes for employees, clients, media, and  influencers

About Uluguru Mountain

Uluguru Mountains is part of the Eastern arc Mountains zone situated in the South East of Tanzania. It is 184km form Dar es salaam the Tanzania’s bussiness city to foot of Uluguru Mountains Uluguru covers an area of 24,115.09H with a boundary length of 197km. The highest peak of Uluguru Mountain is 2,630m high from sea level. The vegetation of the mountain vary based on changing of altitudes. Sub-montane (below 1,500 m), montane (1,600-2,400 m) and upper montane (above 2,400 m) forests, as well as grassland with swampy areas at Lukwangule Plateau and Kimhandu.

The name of the Mountain is derived from the name of the tribe of the indigenous who are called Waluguru. These people settled on the foot of the mountain for hundred of years. Waluguru is one of the tribes in Tanzania which practice matrilineal kind of life where by children inherit the land from Mather’s clan not from father's clan as most of tribes do in Tanzania.

The richness of common and endemic species, good climatic condition, and it’s proximity to the hidden wildlife sanctuaries like Selous game reserve and mikumi National Park, Uluguru Mountain is the hot spot for travelers who love nature walk in the rainforest, bird watching,hikes, spectacular views, and various beautiful waterfalls like Hululu waterfall at Bunduki, Choma waterfall at Morogoro town, Kisimbi waterfall at Kinole. Uluguru Mountain is also best place for the historical and culture lover.
There are different tourists destinations and attractions within Uluguru Mountain, but the most popular is Lupanga peak, Bondwa peak, Choma Traditional Village (Choma Waterfalls),Bunduki Gap (Hululu Waterfalls), Morning Side (Old German Building) Kinole Village (Chiefs Headquarter and Kisimbi waterfalls) Lukwangule  Plateau. Most of Uluguru tours range from 1-4 days.

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